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HPR 1000's first global reactor demo project completes dome lifting
CNNC to build heavy water reactor and HPR 1000 units in Argentina
CNNC boosts further cooperation with New AREVA
CNNC agrees to collaborate with Saudi Arabia
CNNC deepens industrial partnership with AREVA
Tianwan unit 3 completes test on sealing and intension of containment vessel
CNNC and New AREVA build industrial and commercial partnership
CNNC partners with France's IRSN on nuclear emergency medical treatment
CNNC succeeds in developing core medical device for proton cancer therapy
CNNC qualifies for AP1000 nuclear fuel rods production
CNNC's Fuqing Unit 5 dome assembled
Important Speeches
Statement to the IAEA 54th General Conference
Statement of the Chinese Delegation to the IAEA 53rd General Conference
Statement at the IAEA 50th General Conference
Statement from China RCA Representative on Appointment of TSLCC At RCANRM(28)/8
Comments on Report of RCARO from China RCA Representative
Material for the Press Conference of the State Council Information Office
Remarks from Chairman of China Atomic Energy Authority, to the Fourth FNCA Ministerial Conference
Information on Industry
National nuclear research center opens in Yantai
China holds nuclear security emergency drill
CNEC surges 44% on trading debut
Work to start on 3rd unit at Pakistani plant Updated
Sudan, China to cooperate in nuclear energy
Environment minister hails China's nuclear safety
China state nuke power giant unveils ambitions in Malaysia, Belt and Road countries
China, Britain must fully tap potential in trade: commerce minister
China checks nuclear facilities after Tianjin blasts
Policies and Regulations
Regulations of the People's Republic of China
Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Export Control of Missiles and Missile-related Items and Technologies
Conferences and Meetings
Chinese envoy calls for strengthened int'l cooperation on WMD non-proliferation
China-U.S. nuclear security cooperation energizes new type of major-country ties
President Xi's proposals show resolve in nuclear security: experts
China's nuclear power
White Paper
Full text of white paper on China's non-proliferation policy and measures
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