Statement from China RCA Representative on Appointment of TSLCC At RCANRM(28)/8
Date Released:2006-04-10

China noticed that more than two countries are interested in being a Thematic Sector Lead Country (TSLC) in a same sector. I am glad to see the good situation. However, I have to say that today’s active situation was not foreseen when RCA set up the concept of LC some years ago. Up to now, there is no any rule or principle to deal with the issue. Recently, we noticed that it seems only 9/17 MSs of RCA would like to be TSLC. It may be a kind of honor to a MS, but to be a TSLC, the most important thing is willing to make contribution to the development of nuclear technology and to take the responsibility for ensuring the sector’s success in term of activity program and implementation. China will agree to take action on formulating general framwork of appointment of  Thematic Sector Lead Country  Coordinator (TSLCC). As experiences, I think there are several core elements to be considered:

TSLCC must be a senior expert who has rich technology, coordination and management experience in the sector.

The TSLCC’s country has existing technology system and foundation in the sector;

The TSLCC should be supported strongly by a team with abundant experience in international cooperation. He or she is also authoritied certain right to coordinate institutes in the country, and  the government of his/her country is commitment to support him or her with policy and finance;

Actively support from majority of MSs.

China will not object the rotation of TSLC. However, one thing needs to be considered how to reach the goals of the 17 MSs equally to be a TSLC according to the rotation rule in future, and each of TSLCC will take the responsibility for serving the region successfully. China thinks that it is not just an honor for the TSLCC. In front of the honor, I believe that all MSs including China attach more importance of   making a contribution and responsibility for the region. As one of a big country in the region, China would like to do so.

After carefully consideration, China is willing continuously to be the TSLC in Agriculture for the next term (2007-2010). China supports RCA to work out a general framework conducting the TSLCC and hope the meeting here or coming meeting could make a decision on it. After some times and some principles to be in force, China is pleased to see successor from other member states if they wants to be agriculture TSLC. You may notice that China published a brochure titled “Progress and Perspective of Nuclear Agriculture in China”. In additional, for better organizing the international cooperation in agriculture sector, China established “Coordinating Office for IAEA/RCA Agriculture activity in Beijing” one year ago. Its main function is to assist agriculture TSLCC to develop, manage and monitor the projects in Agriculture. China government commits annually financial support to the office with 25,000 US$. The office runs very well now.

Further more, China would like to be TSLC of industry, Energy, etc. At the moment, China has a very qualified expert who can be industrial TSLCC. However, we need time to select a suitable candidate to be energy TSLCC. I would like to say that China will  be other TSLC besides agriculture when other MSs are not interesting in industry or Energy sector in the future.

The decision on general framework must be effective to all sectors.

     China Atomic Energy Authority ,Copyright 2005 .