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Statement to the IAEA 54th General Conference  [2010-09-27]
Statement of the Chinese Delegation to the IAEA 53r...  [2009-09-15]
Statement at the IAEA 50th General Conference   [2006-09-19]
Statement from China RCA Representative on Appointm...  [2006-04-10]
Comments on Report of RCARO from China RCA Represen...  [2006-04-10]
Material for the Press Conference of the State Coun...  [2004-08-31]
Remarks from Chairman of China Atomic Energy Author...  [2003-12-04]
The Role of Nuclear Energy in Energy Strategy and E...  [2003-04-28]
Opening Remarks of Mr. Zhang Huazhu, Chairman of th...  [2003-04-12]
Premier’s Message to the 13th Pacific Basin Nuclear...  [2002-10-28]
Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy in China: Achieveme...  [2002-10-23]
Statement by Mr. Zhang Huazhu, Head of the Chinese ...  [2002-09-06]
Speech in the Opening of the International Symposiu...  [2002-05-27]
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