CNNC succeeds in developing core medical device for proton cancer therapy
Date Released:2017-02-10

Recently, China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) accomplished the source acceptance check for a superconductive magnet, a core device of the 230MeV superconductive proton cyclotron.

With independent intellectual property rights, the device has been firstly applied to advanced medical facilities to treat malignant tumors using proton therapy.

Successful research on the superconductive magnet will guarantee the accelerator to activate an electron beam.

The superconductive magnet is the core part of the critical technology and engineering research on medical cyclotron, a science and technology innovation project of the CNNC’s “Longteng 2020”.

Compared to a room-temperature cyclotron with equal energy, the primary magnet’s weight can decrease around 60 percent and its power consumption can be reduced 75 percent, thus cutting down on the manufacturing and operating costs on a large scale, in conjunction with heightening the reliability of running the accelerator.

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