Development of China's nuclear power
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China's nuclear power development adheres to the principle of "cooperating with other countries with itself playing the major role", and follows the "three-step" technology roadmap of  "thermal neutron reactor - fast reactor - controlled nuclear fusion reactor" for sustainable development.

The Chinese government has so far issued over a hundred laws, regulations, rules, standards and other documents to ensure the regulated, orderly and healthy development of nuclear power industry, covering nuclear power plant(NPP) construction, operation, decommissioning and nuclear emergency response, etc, and endeavored to foster nuclear power construction and
operation management patterns which are on par with international advanced level.

At present, China has mastered the independent intellectual property rights(IPR)of advanced medium-sized pressurized water reactors, made a breakthrough in the key technology of large-sized advanced pressurized water reactor, and gradually formed the comprehensive capability of construction of a group of advanced NPPs with Chinese brands.

Pressurized water reactors are the pillar type of the NPPs in mainland China. As of the end of 2011, China has 14 nuclear power units in operation, with installed capacity of 11.88 GW; 27 units
are under construction, with installed capacity of 29.89 GW. The installed capacity of nuclear power is expected to reach the goal for 40 GW to 2015.