Nuclear safety
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Chinese government consistently pays its utmost attention to nuclear safety. When making the decision on the construction of the first NPP, it clearly defined the first priority to nuclear safety. In the past years, the government always holds the principle of the "safety first and quality first" in construction and operation of NPPs and other nuclear installations.

Since October 1986, when the State Council approved and issued the "Regulations on the Safety Regulation for Civilian Nuclear Installations of the People''s Republic of China", fairly complete nuclear safety system of codes, guides and standards consisting of administrative codes, departmental rules and regulations, specifications and standards, safety guides, etc. has been formed, which covers the aspects of NPPs, research reactors, facilities in nuclear fuel cycle, radioactive wastes management, radioenvironment management, radiohygiene, emergency preparedness in case of a nuclear accident, nuclear material control, etc. in pace with the development of China nuclear undertakings, nuclear safety documents are being improved steadily.

In China, nuclear safety licensing system and reporting system are applied to all the nuclear facilities. In line with the related regulations and plant owners bear the full safety liabilities for their nuclear facilities. Application and safety analysis report shall be submitted to the national nuclear safety agency prior to the construction, first fuel loading and start-up of a nuclear facility. Upon review and approval, and receipt of permits, the construction, fuel loading and operation can be started. Within the structural system of a plant, surveillance units in charge of nuclear safety and radiation protection are established for strict management of the safety of the nuclear facility, exposure of professional personnel and the public, and hygiene and health; the NNSA performs independently review and surveillance of nuclear safety for civilian nuclear installations within the PRC''s territory; the State Council and other competent authorities carry out the corresponding obligations of surveillance and administration within their own functions and powers, thus a well-organized and multi-level regulation framework formed. Due to the close co-operation of the related units under the State Council and the plant owners, the nuclear safety documents are implemented all-roundly. In siting, design, construction and operation of all types of nuclear installations, there are laws to abide by, and laws are ensured to be observed and enforced. The nuclear safety levels in installations are continuously upgraded, their safety operation ensured.